Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel health insurance covers additional medical expenses incurred while outside of your province of residence that may not be covered by your provincial health insurance plan. It is designed to protect against the risk of accident, illness or injury when travelling in another province or country.
RetireRite partners with SecuriGlobe, one of the largest travel insurance brokers in Canada. If you’re planning a trip, get a quote from SecuriGlobe.

Why You Need Personal Health & Dental Insurance

As Canadians, we’re fortunate to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but government healthcare coverage may not provide all you need.
You may be left to pay for expenses such as:
Prescription drugs
Dental visits
Eye exams
Paramedic services
Ambulance transport

Freedom to Choose™ health and dental insurance from Canada Life can fill the gap between your provincial healthcare coverage and what you pay out of pocket. There’s a range of plans available to suit your needs. If you’re nearing retirement, self-employed or have limited benefits through your employer, you can find coverage with Freedom to Choose™.

Freedom to Choose™ health and dental insurance – Select Plans

  • For clients with no prior coverage – great for contract workers, self-employed or employees with limited benefits
  • Underwritten for eligibility
  • Has higher drug coverage maximums, but pre-existing conditions may be excluded

Freedom to Choose™ health and dental insurance – Guaranteed Plans

  • For clients who are losing coverage or nearing retirement
  • Underwritten for rate classification
  • Guaranteed acceptance, including coverage for pre-existing conditions